Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And the winner is George W. McCain!!!

A nomination battle unresolved and two candidates engaged in increasingly damaging attacks..... THE RACE GOES ON!

Despite pressure on Clinton to consider folding her campaign, she won her third big state in a row and will continue the battle. The margin was probably not sufficient to alter the dynamics of the race but it served to underline her argument about Obama as a general election candidate

Here is a lil glimpse at some of the polling data:

African-Americans made up about 14 percent of Tuesday's vote and 90% voted for Obama (12.6% of his 40%)

high school 65-35 clinton
some college 50-49 obama
college grad 55-45 obama
postgrad 54-46 obama

family income
under 15K 51-49 obama
15-30k 56-44 clinton
30-50 57-43 clinton
50-75 53-47 clinton
75-100 54-46 obama
100-150 59-39 obama
200 plus 68-32 obama

Additionally ... more than 60% of Clinton voters say they would NOT be happy if Obama were the nominee and about half of Obama voters say the same.

How does that play out... well 11% said they would vote for McCain over Clinton and 6% said they would stay home in a race between McCain and Clinton. 10% said they would sit on their hands in a McCain-Obama race, and 15% said they would vote for McCain over the Illinois senator.