Thursday, April 17, 2008


10 Secrets to Stress-Free Living Carmel Elementary School, Charlotte, NC Thursday, April 17th from 3:30 - 5:00 and 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Do you need help calming your explosive household? Tired of yelling at, negotiating with and bribing your child? Do you want your child to take responsibility for his homework, morning routine and chores?

Are you frustrated by students who fidget, constantly need to be redirected and distract others? Do you have a handful of students who demand all your time?

Let's turn students who are distractions into classroom leaders. Join us for a humorous, practical workshop with best-selling author and nationally-recognized expert Kirk Martin, who has trained over 22,000 parents and teachers. Based in D.C., Celebrate Calm specializes in working with intense children, including families affected by AD/HD, Sensory issues, Aspergers, Anxiety, Sensory issues, Autism, ODD and OCD. Martin will expose 5 common myths and provide practical strategies to: (1) Create a Stress-Free home. Eliminate yelling, arguing and whining. (2) Help improve focus, attention and behavior in school. (3) Celebrate positives, build your child's confidence and restore hope. (4) Create stress-free discipline and homework time. Martin will explain why your kids are bossy, anxious, and easily overwhelmed; sabotage friendships, demand fairness and say, "I'm bored"; like to argue, fidget, make noises or chew; have difficulty writing, sleeping and maintaining eye contact.

The Workshop is FREE to the community. Teachers, parents, grandparents, school staff and all caregivers are encouraged to attend.

Carmel Elementary School, 1145 Pineville Matthews,Charlotte, NC 28105 When: Thursday, April 17, 2008. 3:30-5:00pm and 6:30pm - 8:00pm For more information, please contact Executive Director Kirk Martin at (703) 508-7909.

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