Thursday, April 10, 2008

Potty Training

LilC was doing GREAT (back in Jan/Feb) and then THE tummy bug hit us. We have struggled ever since. He strips. He pees everywhere. He does not respond to rewards. He struggles with constipation and oy lets don't discuss the problems that brings!
I am thankful I have not scheduled a spring carpet cleaning yet but I really want this child trained. Or do I? With our Disney trip 38 days away maybe I should wait? Sigh. We will only be home 32 days before his 3rd bday. I really don't want an un-trained 3y regardless of how common it is. (And he MUST train by 37m as he is going to a summer pre-school program). Anyhoo if our struggle is your struggle Pull-Ups claims they have a way to make potty training easier For a limited time they are offering a Free DVD. with songs, games etc
Get yours today.