Monday, April 07, 2008

Take Out Pizza

Today is a day that the Lord has made ..... for me to clean house and get organized!

I was able to get all of my laundry put away and put a substantial dent
in pulling/storing winter clothes. Yikes, for a house of 5 I think we could
clothe 50.

I also managed to place a ParkSeed order. B and I are going to plant out 1st veggie garden. We hope (hope being the operative word as I have never grown anything in my life) to grow Green Onions, Plum Tomatoes, Mixed Lettuces, space-saving Zucchini and herbs as well as plant some Starburst Iceplants around the mailbox. Our neighbors will not know what to think if my planters are not filled with weedy dirt :-)

I HAD a long list of errands to run but I accomplished exactly ZERO as the
freezer repairman did not show up until after I had picked up C&B and began
homework. He then proceeded to get ice EVERYWHERE ... boy am I glad I did not mop beforehand (yeah right!)

C had a bad day. He got in trouble for not paying attention, yelling loudly when Molly stepped on his finger, talking while the teacher was talking and getting angry with his peers. In other words he gave Mrs G a hard time and whined and fussed until he was on red and then moped some more after she "hurt his feelings". Luckily homework went smoothly for both kids and lilC choose not to interrupt (after all this is Cooper's world that we all live in!)

Take out pizza is on the menu tonight. We have not "ordered" a pizza in months (years?) so hopefully J will not mind and if all goes well I can sneak out to redeem my Real Women Dollars before bedtime.