Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weeeh What a Weekend!

Friday I drove B to meet my gma in Gaffney. Mema took her back to Sptbg and they went shopping (HipHipHooray of course. Mema LOVES that store and now B does too!) while they waited for my mom to pick her up for a "Girl's Weekend". GG had big plans for them... they painted crafts, popped popcorn and watched HSM2, went out to lunch for Hot Dogs and Onion Rings followed by Garden Shopping and Mani/Pedis. If that was not enough GG even had Carley over for a real slumber party! They did makeovers and watched Enchanted and 3 of them piled in my moms double bed for the night. ICK! now that is a good gma for you. While B was having all of her fun in SC, J and I took the boys in to uptown. We rode the new Lynx train and spent the afternoon at Discovery Place followed by funnel cakes from a street vendor. YummO! (It made me feel like a kid!)
Today I drove to Gastonia to pick B up. We stopped by Justice on the way home WOW B loved every single thing hey had! We did not buy much as nothing was on sale and we are not in "NEED" but I do see us visiting there again! B says she hopes everyone gives her Justice $ for bday and holidays. Uh oh Dad I think she is going to be a clothing horse!
Before dinner I ran up to CVS for milk and eggs. The M&Ms ECB was not printing but they hope to get it fixed by tomorrow. I went ahead and bought some anyway as today is Mrs. G (C's teacher) bday and they are her fave.
Tonight I finally tried to make curry chicken (practicing since I am taking the Dixon's a meal tomorrow night). The kids ate it so I consider it a success! For dessert I went ahead and served tomorrows Cantaloupe as J said lil man used like a basketball this morning. Sigh... never dull around here!
Only 4 days till the ADHD parenting seminar (see sidebar), and only 6 days till J and I go see Wicked! Woohoo I still can not believe I scored tickets. I am so excited!