Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Update

Today is THE long awaited day. Around 2pm we are leaving for Beaufort to visit the in-laws (SO much fun for the kids!).
Then we leave there Sunday (CRAZY early) for WDW. The kids are totally clueless about it and are going to be so super excited! I made goodie bags to give them with custom personalized WDW tees (Thanks Faith) snacks and super cute 3d beach towels.
Why towels? Well when we leave WDW on Thursday we are meeting my mom, grandparents, aunt Beck and uncle John, aunt Cathy and her 2 grand kids Cassie and Carley and my cousin Eric at Harbor Island and staying here. All of this is in lieu of an 8th bday party for C&B (can you believe they will be 8 on the 25th?). This is WAY better than a birthday party and the fact they are clueless about it is going to make it so cool!
Anyway despite the body aches, fever, cold chills, headaches, upset tummy etc I have managed to pack everyone ... well I still have to locate hair stuff for B and put it and toiletries in the bag. Those who know me know I am a last minute kind of gal so it is a God thing that I was ahead of the game when I got sick. Woohoo!
The only bummer on all of it is that my field day shirts are incomplete. I spray died them Royal and it turned PURPLE. Last time I checked The Norway flag has zero purple and most 7y boys would NOT be happy. In a panicked I washed them in blue dye really fast thinking that would make it light. Nope. They are pretty dark. After much brainstorming it was decided that we would iron on the Norway flag (front) and then puff paint the kids last names in white (back). The problem is I can't do it so the room mom THE awesome Jennifer (thanks girl) is going to save the day and do it will I am soaking up rays. While I am on the subject of awesome friends I want to also throw a kudos out to my friend Susan ... do you know she offered to fix all of the shirts for me and she does not even go to our school! Wow what a friend! And last but not least of the good friend awards is my neighbor Shelia who is going to water my veggies daily, plus my mailbox weeds and get my mail and Sunday newspaper (I can't not get coupons while I am gone!) I am so blessed! Thank you ladies you are the best!
Anyway that is our update. Your prayers are appreciated.


4torock said...

Oh Amy I do hope you are getting better and able to enjoy your trip!! Thinking of you and how exciting for the kiddos to have such BIG suprises - I am excited for them!!! :) take care and can't wait to see pics when you guys get back!! :)

........................................ said...

Thanks Kate. I hope so too. I started antibiotics today so we will see:-) BTW congrats on MAKING $20 off of your Triples. You are really getting the hang of it. Go Girl!