Monday, June 02, 2008

Are you a Techie? I am NOT and I need Help!

Ok this blog thing is new for me. I am teaching myself (think blind leading blind) and there are a few things I want to learn and hope someone out there on the internetS (heehee) can help me.

Here is my wish list...

1) I would love to separate out my family and politics and ADHD from my coupon and frugality. Like have a main site and from there you click on topics. Is that WAY over my head? Does it require a $ domain?

2)Links. I know how to add links but I would like for others to be able to add links. I know they can in the comment section but I am thinking something easier and more predominant. Is this a service you can rx to?

3) Polls. I think it would be super cool to poll you but I am clueless how to add one. Truth be known I cant do much that there is not an existing template for.

4) Button/Subscription I know they are 2 different things. I would like to add a subscription option to my site AND a button that others can put on their blog. Again NO clue how to do this. I might can create the graphic for the button (I am getting better at that) but I don't know how to make it "work".

5) Videos. There have been a few YouTube videos I would like to share. I know how to send a link but I want to know how to actually upload the video.

So if you are a Techie and willing to teach me or if you know a website that can better explain any of this PLEASE email me. If there is anything I can do for you I gladly will!

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Sarah said...

Hey, there. I found you on the Mom Blogger's Club. I have the answers to a few of your questions.

1. Here is an article I wrote about adding a simple text link menu at the top of your blog.
You can also do the same thing in your sidebar. You can right click on any category label, and select "copy link location" Then paste it into a link for each category. When you click that link, you will get all the posts in that category.

2. Mr. linky at lets your readers add links to your posts. There is some code changing involved, but they have really good step-by-step instructions. Just go to their site and click Wizards.

3. is my favorite. You can add them to the posts or sidebars.

4. is what I use for subscriptions. They have a button you can put on your site, or an email form for people to get email subscriptions.

Buttons are simple to make "work" after you learn the coding. Here is an article about adding it to your own sidebar:

Now, you have to make the code "postable." This is the website I use:

Then, you have to put it in a scroll box. Here is the article about that.
Make sure when you add the code into the scroll box, you use the "postable code"

If all that gives you a headache, I would be more than willing to help you out by making a scrollbox, and placing it in your sidebar.

5. Videos: copy and paste the section in Youtube where it says "embed" Put that code in your post. That's it.

I hope that's all not too confusing. Feel free to ask me any questions.