Sunday, June 01, 2008

BabiesRUs is exchanging BPA bottles!

My local BabiesRUs is doing even exchanges on ALL BPA containing bottles/cups. If you return the "questionable" bottle and nipple they will exchange it for a BPA free one. I know for some this is a controversial topic. Here is a blog that will give you a little more information on it. I have blogged on the dangers of plastic before (You can read it here). IMO it is better to be safe than sorry. Contact your local store for details.


........................................ said...

I got this email update today:
I just called Babies r us and they say that this project got so big
that now the only ones they are doing are if you have a receipt within 90 days or a currennt gift registry. I wish I had seen that post earlier, I could have taken advantage of it since we saved all of our bottles for the next baby!!!

ADDAmy said...

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