Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My First Product Review

I have been wanting to sit down and tell you about my new purchase but in typically ADDAmy style I keep forgetting!

Over the last few months I have been worried (read - complaining) that our counters were looking dull (probably the cleaners I use? since I am too coupon wise (ie frugal) to pay for the high$ "Granite" cleaners). So, I decided that I wanted to seal our kitchen granite (Crema Bordeaux, isn't it pretty!).

After some thought and research I decided on Granite Shield. Granite Shield has no plastic or silicone and is a breathable, penetrating sealer that will not scratch or yellow. Once applied it is ready to go (no lengthy curing process and no work or inconvenience for you).

I contacted Karan at A Granite Guard (Granite Shield Carolinas) and she knowledgeably answered all of my questions and scheduled an appointment to come out inspect and seal it.

Well, Karan and her lovely daughter came out last Tuesday and in under 2 hours they transformed my granite from dulling and porous to the most beautiful counters in Union county! (not to mention they cleaned up and sealed my not-so-white sil-granite sink to where it easily wipes up to a beatiful white). I was so impressed when Karan demonstrated how easy my counters and sink would be to clean and how water (and spills) now beads up rather than soaking in (and staining!). It has now taken a week of abuse (if you know us you know this is true!) and they still shine like they did when Karan left.

Anyway as I said this is my first product review so I am not an expert but I am impressed with this frugal product. Frugal you ask? Yes! Installing this product to protect your investment saves you money and work! The Granite Shield Life Time Warranty has no restrictions! (unlike most sealants which offer limited 5 year warranties and have to often be painstakingly replied by you). So whether you clean with homemade natural products, Windex, 409... whatever.. Granite Shield promises to protect your stone from stains and burns and cuts forever (and ever amen!) it even prevents bacteria from building up! - so kiss those expensive waxy polishes/cleaners goodbye!

Don't have granite? this great product can be used on tile, stainless and various other kitchen and bath stones and products! you can read more about it here.

As for Karan I also want to take a moment to sing her praises. Her customer service and follow-thru have been awesome! She called the night before she came to remind me of our appointment and she has followed up since to make sure that I am pleased! I can honestly say that I would recommend her company with out reservations. So if you live in the Carolinas and are interested in a kitchen consultation, sealing your granite or installing new granite, tile or kitchen/bath plumbing give Karan a call (704.583.9386) and tell her ADDAmy referred you.

Be sure to ask about any specials she is running as she knows I am all about finding specials for you (and me!)

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