Sunday, June 22, 2008

NeatO! Free Postcards!

A fellow frugal loopie sent me an AWESOME site - Hippopost - They allow you to create your own free postcard and then they mail it out for you postage free... How cool is that?

I am really bad about printing photos and mailing postcards and have even been tacky enough to send email thank yous GASP but I like this site and can't wait to try it. Later today (assuming my to do list is caught up and it storms as predicted) I am going to play with this and Arts Cow maybe I can go ahead and create our Disney photo book and FINALLY mail my Nana Norma photos of my kidlets.

This reminds me of something I read on Charlotte Fru-Gals... Did you know that you can use/mail almost anything flat that meets the USPS size guidelines? Recycled cards, kids art, your digital prints, paper plates, laminated creative and share your ideas here!

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