Sunday, June 15, 2008

Photos, Photos and More Photos

Cooper and his new Shark towel. Is he cute or what?

My granite after Karan put the GraniteShield on it. Awesome! it looks great! and I am loving the way the water beads up.

REM in concert (Raleigh) - Mr. J's father's day gift. Cruddy pics but he had a blast!

The WICKED pepper that was labeled mild and made my lips swell - no kidding!! OUCH!

Two of Four CVS checkouts this week. I only paid for the cards! Not a bad haul for $8 eh? (of course even that $8 was CVS money not mine) I did not get a pic of the other two hauls but it did include two of the Garnier and more Listerine.

The awesome flowers that Wendy gave me for posting about her Frugal Flowers. She said you ladies bought so much she would not let me pay. Woohoo!!

My mom GG, my uncle Dennis, my Mema and 2/3 of my kidlets at our Father's day lunch.

My fave pool photos from today :-) We had a blast!


4torock said...

what cute pics!! Have a great week:) BTW.... Went to target and had a not so great experience :( Had all my coupons ready and sorted-- everything went ok ( the clerk HAD TO check each coupon to make sure not expired and right product... lol ) anyway called a manager over when got to diaper/wipe coups.... here's my ???? I bought 2 jumbo pack diaper 2 180 pk wipes had a manuf coupon for 2 wipes and each diaper then tried to use the 5.00 giftcard target coup ( 2 since I bought 2 d/ 2 wipes..) AND 2 target 5.00 off coups was this not right or was I being greedy?? lol? Mananger said I could only use the giftcard OR the target 5.00 off along wth manf coups? Ok frugal lady tell me how it is!! sorry so stinkin long!! :) ur bloggin groupie......

ADDAmy said...

Bloggin groupie heh! you are one of few commenters - sitemeter says LOTS view, go figure.
ok you did NOTHING wrong from what I can tell but Target is not allowing stacking of Target coupons even though it is 2 items. so if you used MQ for the wipes and MQ for the diapers and you bought 2 "sets" you could use 2 Target coupons not 4... so it would be @ $18 for all of it. If that is not what happened then I may not understand keep your receipt till we make sure you are set.