Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We spent our afternoon at the Eye Doctor. We were late getting there because their address is on one road and they are located on another road entirely! Can you believe that? By the time we got there at 10 after I was stressed. (If only I knew how to use my phones GPS... I am so tech-challenged! sigh). They said don't worry about it EVERYONE does that. Eek!
Anyway long story short... this was LilC 1st visit (he will be 3 on Sat.) He did GREAT! His vision is 20/80 and he has astigmatism in both eyes. No glasses at this time since he is not yet reading (Heehe). I have to admit I am a lil bummed he was not 20/20. Oh well he did get a rx for an eye infection.. yuck!
Carson was next. His vision and prism were the same as last time but they added .5 astigmatism to both eyes. He did NOT like being dilated (who does?). He picked out very Euro frames (pewter rectangles). I hope Mr. J does not freak about them?
LizzieB was last and her rx stayed 1.0 but they added the minimum of astigmatism to hers (can't remember if it was one or both?). He said her saccades/movement has not improved at all. Her new frames are plastic like readers (which I could not talk her in to getting last year) and get this she picked brown over pink! Wow! Hopefully she will keep these on and up instead of looking over them. Sigh
I am guessing by the time we get home from vacation their new specs will be ready and I can post pics :-) but the doc said for the summer we only need them while reading or doing school work (woohoo!)

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