Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have been meaning to blog about Blockbuster for a few weeks. Now I am glad I never got around to it because the news just got sweeter!
We love RedBox but find that in the summer with limited tv and 24/7 children and good ole southern HEAT WAVES Blockbuster works out to be a great deal.
Because there is no contract we join their "Total Access" plan every June and cancel every August - there store is 1 mile from our house so it works well for us (dang there was a post for Works for me Wednesday!) but they also offer online if that is your preference.
Well a few weeks back Blockbuster started a promo where your 1st 2 weeks are free ("a trial"). Well now if you pay with paypal you also get $10 cash back (after one paid month, please read restrictions). In plain English that equates to 6-10+ weeks of free movies! In order to get this deal you must register thru this link. Check it out!
If you register leave me a comment and tell us what your first rental will be and why.

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