Thursday, July 03, 2008


No hot deals to post for yesterday or today as I have not been online but I did hit CVS today (out of necessity not fun).
Yesterday we spent the morning at North Beach shelling and I spent the afternoon lounging on South Beach while Mr J took the kidlets to see Wall-E. MawMaw and Carson and I also checked out the Marine Science Center and pier again. Last night GG and I took the kids to Uncle Bubba's Oyster House while MawMaw and Mr J went on the Midnight Gambler. (We are huge Paula Deen fans and this tourist trap did have GREAT eats but the service was slow!) They had cats and baby raccoons walking @ outside. The kids and GG loved it despite the long wait for food. I will not return despite the great food.
After a long night MawMaw rode with me to take Cooper to the Urgent Care today. He had swollen glands and tonsils along with fever and congestion. Poor lil guy. We stopped by CVS for his rx and they did not have the weekly ad and I did not have a Rx coupon - GASP! While we were gone Mr. J., C&B and GG did the beach, pier and ice cream parlor. Luckily Cooper bounced back after a long nap.
Later in the afternoon GG, Mr J, Lizzie B and I went to Savannah for a Trolley Tour and dinner at One Eyed Lizzies (Yummo, great recommendation from fellow frugal blogger Kaye). B loved the tour so much. She got to impress the trolley with her knowledge of Juliette Low. Yeah Girl Scouts! So cute!
All in all the week has been great fun - at least that is the way I want to remember it. Tomorrow I have promised to pier fish and we are expecting lots of fireworks so it should be a great way to end the week and by Saturday I will be back bloggin about HOT Deals so stay tuned!

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Kaye said...

So sorry that Uncle Bubba's was slow. I haven't eaten there, but my aunt liked it. So glad that you did like One-Eyed Lizzy's though. It really was tasty the time we went too. By the way...we saw Paula Deen today in Pier 1. My hubby heard her before we ever saw her! =) She wasn't exactly dressed for a photo opp though, and I'm sure she is glad we left her alone to pick out the chairs she was trying to decide between!