Monday, July 07, 2008

What kind of shopper/consumer ARE you?

Are you an impulse shopper? Oh I am! Yes-sir-ree! I mean it totally goes against my grain to Coupon and follow Shopping Lists (ok I secretly like making list anyone around me as Black Friday nears knows this is true but I hate sticking to the list - I find it REALLY hard only buying what is on the list. I mean gourmet cheese and oreos are never on the grocery shopping list kwim?) and Budget (sigh! what is a budget, I don't want to see where all the money went that might keep me up at night!).
Don't get me wrong I get a GiddyHigh off of my savings (sumthin for nuthin!) and I try hard to not be wasteful but I really am an impulsive, impatient I WANT IT NOW kind of person. (my MFFs and my family can stop laughing - I confessed it, that is half the battle - Right?)One good thing is I fear debt (I need to fear my limited savings) otherwise I would be in a heap of trouble but the plain ole truth is there is a LOT of room for improvment. I mean I am no Dave Ramsey or Mary Hunt that is for sure! Just like my struggeling prayer life, contentment with living with in my means is a common struggle for me and one of the original goals that led me to blogging.
I read once that thrifty living does not mean "making do" it means doing what you want to do affordably. I totally do that! (meaning I afford it all, it just has been known to be a lil "creative" at times - groan!).
I used to question if I was frugal. Yes, I was/am a Fru-Gal and I LOVE a deal -I mean I really enjoy bargain hunting- and I am thrifty (at least by the above definition) but frugal ?? (unless you are comparing me to someone wasteful - he shall not be named - I was just not sure) but then I realized it is all in how you define it.
Wikipedia defines frugality as the practice of acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner, and resourcefully using already owned economic goods and services, to achieve a longer term goal. Ok I got the 2nd half (Mr J may not) but I really really struggle with the restraint word - in ALL aspects of life.
Yes if I made lists of adjectives that describe me many would not jive (lazy impatient perfectionist - yeppers it is possible just like liberal christian and overbuying coupon clipping bargain hunter I am a one man demographic but that's ok, I am interesting. HeHee) and none would include the word restraint in any form. I am a complex person and simplicity (no matter how attractive it sounds while facing piles of clean unsorted laundry) is just not my bag.
I am a born and bred impulse buyer (hey GG, it's me!) maybe that is why I found this blog post so funny? (I can relate, I too self medicate by avoiding the mall and bigbox stores I can't tell you the last time I have stepped foot in the mall- if only I could avoid Naartjie online sigh)
Seriously I know I have a long way to go but I know how far I have come (pat, pat! no more high interest credit cards for me!) so hopefully some day (sooner rather than later) I will get there (or at least head in that direction at a faster pace?)
If you are reading this and you can relate, give me a holler in the mean time take my poll and share it with a friend.


~Karen said...

Laughed my way through this - especially the bit about gourmet cheese never being on the shopping list. I am not supposed to be eating it much less buying it so how did it find its way into my cart!!!

Bec said...

I laughed and then couldn't really decide where I fit in. I don't hesitate much to spend money, but I prefer not to pay full price. I will, however, pay full price, even stupidly high prices, if I like something enough . . . especially if DH gives approval, which is just about always. If I say something like "I'd really like to get these beadable wine stoppers, but it seems kind of silly because we don't know many people who drink wine" he'll tell me to go ahead and get them and will figure out what to do with them later. In other words, he's an enabler, LOL!

And yes, I ordered 10 wine stoppers.