Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday's World Wide Web from my eyes...

Lets check a few out... and PLEASE add your favorite post from the last 2 weeks!

Way More 4 Way Less is Calling all Toothbrushes - a great chance for YOU to give back!

Wise Bread writes about Why He Turns Down Free Money

The Simple Dollar has 10 Tips for making budgets successful

LoveLoud has God's reply the the Buffalo Nickel auction - so cool!

NestingPlace proves once again that it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful

Check out the ThePioneerWoman's recipes, Mmmmmmm, now that is inspiring!

Saving for our families dreams NEEDS YOUR HELP! Plus she is doing a Coupon Giveaway

Being Frugal questions... Are You Under the Influence?

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