Friday, August 15, 2008

Weehhh what a week!

This week I had a job interview for a preschool job (I accepted! I will be assisting my friend Jennifer who will now be known as Boss Lady - till I think of something better) we had one Psychologist appt, one Pedi appt, one OBGYN appt, Football twice (including one post game pizza party), a hospital visit with Wonderful Wendy and "moms taxi" ran six camp carpools and drove Carson half way to SC to spend the weekend with our family

Somehow I did manage to get some Starbucks, Sushi and Shopping in (ok more than "some" shopping ) ... Rack Room, Karousel Kids (awesome finds!), Old Navy, Kohls, Justice, Target, Lane Bryant (40% off plus 2xRWD) good thing the mall is not near me huh? and of course I shopped Walgreens and CVS (do I ever miss CVS?) I don't know my total OOP for the week (who wants to know that when money is flying in every direction BUT yours! LOL) but I saved a lot (a concept that Mr J still does not get...sometimes it take $ to save $) in fact I made $$ at CVS where I purchased 2 Children's Advil, 1 Fleet Pedia-lax, 4 bags of Dove Dark Chocolates, 10 Gold Peak Teas and 3 12pk Coke. (I used $21.28 in MQ ($8 of it from my sidebar!), (3) $2 CVS coupons and $1 CVS crt) My total profit after ECB is right at $2. WooHoo!

So... I apologize that I have not blogged much... life has been one big blur but I hope to resume my weekly grocery tips, monthly walmart with printables and Wednesday's world wide web soon... and I am still working on setting up subscriptions and Mr Linky (we all know all inattentive and non-tech savvy I am!) as well.
As always if you have any hot deals/tips please email me!


jacksmom said...

Just a quick CVS question... can you get two of the children's advil deals even though it says only one per card? Thanks!

ADDAmy said...

Yes you can but if you do them in the same transaction it will be a large ECB. I did mine seperate to each was under $6