Thursday, September 18, 2008


Never question that I am a dedicated person. I was up and out before 7am today... why? to coupon shop before my J O B :-)

I hit the friendly WC-HT and rushed @ grabbing a few "must haves". I unloaded them on Mr J and rushed to work. Where Mrs Jennifer surprised me with Starbucks. (Does she know how to make me happy or what?)

After work I greeted the kidlets at the bus stop, did snacks and homework, planned a few more coupon runs and took lil C to a bday party at Space Kidetts. (I was previously NOT a fan, but it was a nice party. Ideal/Safe set up for a child under 5).

On our way home we ran in Siskey-HT for more goodies. I got home after 7pm (yes I skipped a night of MPM)

That 12+hrs flew by... but it was productive. I am now $22OOP (with a savings of 87%) and over half way done shopping triples. (Sorry no visual today).

Unfortunately when I got home my house was WILD with Wii and lil C quickly went from sleepy to WIRED but it is 8:15 now and all are in bed... so not too terrible now I need to go catch my house up....

Oh and for once I am super thankful that C wears glasses. He was playing with a neighbor and got a scratch on his nose (metal pipe!) upon further inspection it also scratched his glasses. ChaChing that is one copay I will gladly pay as it sure beats a copay for a scratched eye, eh? Thank you God! Now I know I need to go ahead and buy a new backup pair before JCP sale ends next week.

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