Sunday, January 18, 2009

YES... I am alive

The Dickey's are alive and doing well. We survived the Holidays (photos below!) and a rocky BTSchool week. Our new puppy "Ridley" the Doodle Dickey is adjusting well to our chaotic home. Everyone is healthy and 2 of our 3 scheduled IEPs are behind us (and were successful!).

My coupon binder is an absolute MESS, CVS is worried about how many deals I have missed out on and my menu planning has been sketchy at best but starting today I hope to get it all cranked up again as soon we we finish our award winning Pinewood Derby car :-) wish us luck!

Thank you for all of the emails! I am amazed how many people still check-in with me and email me HOT Deals. I love a good deal. I hit the Target 75% Christmas as well as the Target 75% Toy Sale (which is still underway as some is still 30-50%, I know I am looking at some camping gear if it makes it to 75%). So if you are reading this send me your HOT Deals. I may not get them posted but if I don't I will forward them to Jodi at NeverPayRetail she is working on growing her Blog to the best on the web!

PS, If you or yours are Gluten Free - PLEASE EMAIL ME! as many of you know I have considered this for a LONG time but it is so overwhelming to me. I am looking for good Gluten Free products to try before we dive right in. I specifically need help with Pasta, Pizza Dough, Soy Sauce and Breakfast Bars and/or Cereal. Thanks!


Bec said...

We're gluten-free, let me know if I can help. Pasta -- try Tinkyada brown rice (can be too mushy), or try DeBola's corn (tougher). LaChoy's lite should be gluten free, or get some on or Enjoy Life Foods has some cookies and such in your regular grocery store, or Cherrybrook kitchen, both are pretty good. Good luck!

EBhasADDitude said...

who cares about gluton