Tuesday, January 01, 2008


It is 8am 1/1/08, my dh & dd are asleep, ds and ds2 are playing at my feet, my computer/email is on the fritz and yet I have already received 2 messages regarding inspiration. Wow!
In my head I have all these grand plans of how I can be a better mom and wife and this big goal to make 2008 better than 2007. Does that mean I am not grateful for 2007? Not at all. My family is together and healthy that is more than many can say.
I do however find myself more aware of what’s being placed before me, or knocking on my door (head) to pay attention to. Even the hard stuff… I need to have courage to face and see what it is I am supposed to see. I want to be grateful even for the bumps. There is always a bumpier road somewhere! When I misstep, I hope not everyone sees it… aaah, but really they’re supposed to… so we’re all reminded that we will make mistakes (if you want to call them that) – we’ll misstep away from the path we think we’re on track with to get where we’re heading…. But it’s all part of the deal? ... God only knows the outcome.

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