Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ugh, me the blogger, YES, I am still here! Lets see if I can get this blog rolling....

I knew when I started this blog it was likely to be added to the long list of things I start and do not continue/finish.

Perhaps if I stick to what I know... How to save $$$
Starting today I will be keeping an updated side bar of HOT DEALS

Coupon Rumor has it...
Bi-Lo will be price matching competitors (like Walmart) and take competitors coupons (like HT and Lowes!).

Now for those that could care less about HOT DEALS or coupons here is the latest Dickey news...

C is doing great in school and B is doing MUCH better. She has not had any more "episodes" (lethargic, slurring etc) and is doing good in the morning. We had lab work done Friday and have follow up EEGs in June. LilC is W I L D. He had 90% regression in the potty training department and the situation is only getting worse. He has learned to undo deadbolts and lock bathroom doors. Life is always an adventure!
I will have to post about our mountain trip. We went to Mystery Hill, Greater Foscoe Mining Company, Linville Caverns, Grandfather Troutfarm and more... I uploaded a few pics in the event I forget to post. GREAT Fun!

We booked a SURPRISE Disney trip for May. We will visit my in-laws 2 nights then visit WDW for 5 days then depart there for a 3 night vacation with my family at Harbor Island. This is where we are staying: Happy Bday to Carson and Blake (no party his year, which kind of makes it hard to keep the trip a surprise) Good Times!

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