Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great News

Today I took lilC for the dreaded "Allergy Testing". They said allow 3hrs. We were in an out in under 2 (whoohoo!). The GREAT news is he is Allergy Free! They tested him for environmental (J has that) and for food and mold (big C has those) but nope... lil man has nada! His eczema is just that... childhood eczema! He needs daily moisturizer and should continue his cultivate prn. The doctor said if soapless baths continue to aggravate him we might want to consider a water filter. Anyone have one? I sure do hate our hard water!
After our skin pricks (followed by needle sticks bc he had so lil reaction they wanted to try again ) we met 3 of the Grace Girls for lunch/play at ChicFilA. Nothing like come chick time while snacking on good chicken HeeHee. While there Heidi suggested avocado oil for lilC's baths. I am betting taht is cheaper than a water filter ... maybe we will try it.
Oh and more good news. My lil zucchini seedlings (the ones that collapsed after being transplanted) sprouted more leaves. YEAH they live. I might not have a brown thrum after all. My cukes are sprouting and my tomatoes are thriving. WhooHoo. Fresh veggies here we come!
Well I am off to pick up the house. I have been saving up for a big spring cleaning so I need to clean before they quote LMBO!
Tonight's dinner (for those that care) Cheap Chicken! I am trying Heidi's (in CA not Heidi ex-CA that I had lunch with) Yellow Chicken recipe. Butter, Honey, Mustard, Curry. Yummo. If all continues to go well I will have time to blog on more than hot deals and I will let you know how the chicken taste:-)

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farmersdaughter4ever said...

haha, now I have found you! I got your email, expect a response soon! Can I list you under my blog roll? I know a good while back that you said you like be out in the blog world, but not known, it that the same still? YES we are going to have our last, we are excited, very excited and all is going great so far!...we are going to disney in May too! when are you going to be there?....we need to catch up soon!