Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dirty Dirty People!

There is nothing like having a cleaning lady come quote a DEEP CLEAN to make you see your house in a whole new light (shriek turn that light off this place is D I R T Y). Today I had 3 ladies scheduled to come quote. The 1st no showed. (She was smart!) The 2nd showed up late. She is a DIYer for sure. She is quoting deep cleaning, floor buffing, carpet cleaning, windows. Yikes she looked the walls up and down and wanted to know if I wanted them scrubbed. Yep! I should be embarrassed to show her my dusty baseboards, sticky doorknobs, tub filled with toys, moldy shower drain, dirty floor grout but I pointed it out and she seemed excited about the challenge. (It takes all types right?)I don't know the cost of the clean house she is offering but it does sound dreamy! Lady #3 called and asked if she could come later today. Her English is not so great and she calls me Mrs. Amy. (make me feel old! not good when I already feel slack for needed a spring cleaner!) She comes highly recommended so we will see how it goes. Hopefully before Vacation2008 (15days and counting) we can get this place cleaned up. I want to have the house that kids feel welcome to hang out at not the NO VISITORS WELCOME home and I feel that is what we have become. Sigh. Who knows maybe this spring cleaning will inspire me to vacuum the sofas, reorg the closets and wood oil the cabinets. Who knows, I may be the next FLY LADY! ok people get off the floor and stop laughing. I have to go hunt down Cooper and clip some more coupons to pay for all of these bright ideas.

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