Friday, May 02, 2008

LizzieB is camping in her friend Zoe's backyard with her Brownie troop. She has been super excited about it. We droped by a class mate's pool party (kind of hard w/ a cast!) on the way there and then on to camping. She was crafting a birdhouse out of bark before I could get Cooper out of the tree house and back in the van. Mrs Fisher is a brave Mama! (pray for her between now and 10am tomorrow!)
J was at the Wachovia tournament (from 8-8 in the "Overlook" cheating on his diet eating lobster salad, giant shrimp, pork loin, seared tuna, crabcakes etc, poor him) so the boys and I treated ourselves to a shrimp platter at Showmars. Yummo! My intention was to hit the Lowes next door for light bulbs, mulch and and soil but Cooper did not have it in him. He has been struggling to have a BM since Wed (or Tues?). I called the pedi (the grunts were making him throw up) and they want him to take C&B's MiraLax but so far no go (poor baby) Wish us luck we have a TON to do tomorrow to prepare for our yard sale ... not to mention a Fire House tour, Hot Dog Carnival and Silent Auction. Busy Busy :-)

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