Saturday, May 03, 2008


For those following my on-going insurance saga(s).... I got ANOTHER denial letter. This one says it is a denial response to "my April 4th appeal for EBD for claims in 10/07" The thing is I did not file an appeal for B I filed an appeal for C and I filed it in March (and it scanned in April 19th) and it was not for 10/07 but 5/07-10/07 and I was not asking for coverage but for them to hold the provider responsible for not pre-certing before doing therapy. (back story... months after doing months of therapy Cigna denied Cs claims (no coverage after age 7) but paid most of B's identical claims and on the ones they denied they held the provider responsible for not pre-certing). So it looks like Monday I will spend the day on the phone with my claims manager AGAIN... it never ends!

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