Sunday, May 04, 2008

Is it really Sunday night?

Yesterday started out rocky and emotional but after an afternoon in my new veggie garden followed by a trip to Lowes and more gardening (planted 3 new azaleas, 1 lady banks rose and 1 confederate jasmine) I chilled out enough to attend a carnival and auction with the kids and J. I was worried that they were wired with B camping the night before and J and Carson doing a Firehouse tour earlier in teh afternoon but we had a great time. We played Bingo and won 2x! The kids had snocones and hot dogs and nachos and funnel cakes (such a healthy dinner!) and I won a Salon package at the auction. WooHoo.
Today was an improvement but not nearly as productive as I had hoped. It is a good thing next week's yard sale got postponed.. we are NOT ready! The diy cleaning lady called. She wants $290 for a deep clean. I am bummed as there is NO WAY that we can/will pay that. I did manage to grocery shop (free waffles..yeah!)and to feed my family a lil more healthy. (baked chicken and veggie primevara for lunch and broiled trout (that we caught!) baked onions and oven potatoes for dinner and key lime for dessert!)
I fear that C is getting sick. He went to bed before 7pm. His eyes are puffy and he is lethargic from battling with B (who has been BAD all day). Poor guy.
Tomorrow starts teacher appreciation week. I have to put together or snack/gifts tomorrow, get cut flowers on Tues, send in 2 pies on Wed and our spa/gifts on Thursday.... I hope to get my coupons reorganized. I am trying to switch from baseball cards to photo inserts and do a semi-no clip plan. If I get it done before vacation I will post pics. Either way I will update this weeks deals before tomorrow night.

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