Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amy's Veggies

Yesterday was a sad day. I have suspected something was snacking on my hard work ... and yesterday my worries were confirmed and then some. First I found a HUGE and I do mean huge Tomato Hornworm eating the Wicked pepper (that I promised to a UCM). I told my neighbor and said come look at the damage and low and behold what do we find. Tomatoes everywhere. My darling daughter, and 2 of our neighbors picked my Romas. Waah and my eldest son picked the flowers from my squash (in the way of his bug catching!) Double Waah! Who needs Hornworms when you have kids right?
They did do one smart? thing (at least Wonderful Wendy says it was smart) they chopped up pepper plants and scattered them to ward off critters/insects. Hmmmm - GG they may be Master Gardeners yet (unless they try another stunt like this!) Mrs. Fisher says they will grow back and if not she will share and Fru-Gal Ann says it is a great science lesson. What a beautiful (ie forgiving) thought. Lord why can't I see the positive side of things? Oh speaking of finding something in the unexpected Union County contacted me about my mystery flower! It is a Mexican Evening Primrose (not a morning glory as we had decided). So now we know :-)
Here are some pics of my garden "adventure"

My surviving Romas. A pleasant surprise as last night I thought they were all gone. now hopefully they will be ready before we vacation in <2 weeks.
Mama Hornworm from yesterday. Think it would win a prize at the Amazing Pet Show Friday? (my kids have not let me squish him YET but the 2 smaller ones I found today did not fare so well - someone has to pay for my losses!)
Can you say PICKLE? My family does not care for cukes (except ME, yummO white bread w/ mayo saltNpepper) but we are ALL looking forward to pickles.


Kaye said...

I am responding to your inquiries on eating recommendations in Savannah. Email me at
mrsnespy * hotmail * com and we can discuss just so I don't get terribly long winded here!

Anonymous said...

i just discovered those horn worms on my tomato plants this morning... 3 of them. nasty!!! i hate worms like that. i think i got them in time though. i didn't seen any nibbling anywheres. 2 of them were pretty big. you should let you kids bring it to the pet show. that would be funny :) ~beth

ADDAmy said...

I have fourn 4 more today. I kept the last one bc it was pooping out tons and I wanted to find out if it was pupae or what...
Googled it all and those things make moths the size of hummingbirds! pretty ones... I guess that is their reward for being ugly fat green leeches that get squished LOL
Did you plant your plants form a store or from seed? just curious as the eggs appear like something I found in the Wicked Pepper and the Mr Stripey (my 2 store bought veggies)