Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Angel Food

Handprints on the Wall has a GREAT visual on if you order it thru Angel Food Ministries.

I have been wanting to check this out for years but I am a last minute gal and never get around to the preorder and well it is rare for me to have freezer room if we are not currently eatting it down (I try to do that 2-3x a year but never succeed as someone will have a triples or a frozen breakfast deal or something... whoa is me...sigh).

While we were at my inlaws Carson went with my sMIL to deliver these. No they do not deliver for you! My sMIL orders a years worth for local impoverished families and picks them up and delivers them. It was a great experience for Carson!

Any way I am getting off topic. I was blog surfing today and saw this and it reminded me what an awesome service this is.

Here is their website to find a location near you!

Ok I received lots of emails (wish they were in comment form but I guess many of you are as new to bloging as I am) anyway 4 out of 5 of you agree with Mr J (hubby) and think if you can afford the price of normal groceries you should not participate (especially if like me AFM is not any cheaper than what I already pay as a couponer) others say think of it like a food co-op ... Either way it looks like I will be buying AFM but only to donate. That said I still think it is a great program and hope it can help you or someone you know!


........................................ said...

Well Mr J read by blog and informed me there is a local AFM church if I want to check in to doing a couple a month. I said a couple? I would only want one, maybe less and donate the rest and he said WHAT? We can't take that food. He thinks we should do it but we should donate it to someone in need. I explained that everyone I have spoken with says it is for everyone so why can't WE do it. He insist that we can't/won't. Sigh. I still think I will check in to it for donating.

Mr. J said...

Mr. J sounds like a smart and sexy man. You are so lucky to have such a man as your hubby!

ARTmomof6 said...

I think it is hilarious that Mr J posted such a self-complimentary comment! He is obviously a humble man as well thus making you, Mrs A(sorry thought you should have a noble title as well girl), an even luckier woman! LOL! LOL Mr J-I agree with AMY-if the organization itself says it is for everyone than anyone should be able to participate guilt free! And for the record-I think Mrs A's shopping skills are A~M~A~Z~I~N~G!