Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Money Saving Mom (one of the best bloggers on the web at explaining CVS, Walgreens etc - gosh knows I am way too ADHD to type it all up) has a great GRATEFUL POST that I think many of you might enjoy.
There have been many hills and valleys in my life that I would not have tackled given the choice. Times when I thought my puzzle piece fit somewhere it did not belong. Ok ADHD ahead of myself... what I mean is life is like a giant puzzle and everyone has a piece. Looking at my piece will not tell me what the puzzle looks like when it is completed. I can only see my piece, not everyone else's. But God made/sees all the pieces and He can see the completed puzzle. So when you want something and you ask God for it, and God says no or not right now, it's probably because your puzzle piece won't fit there or it won't fit there yet. You may never get it to fit there or you might have to wait for someone else to get there puzzle piece in order. The point is don't obsess over it and be grateful for your piece and the part that it plays. God has a plan and it will work out. Reading about Money Saving Mom's basement apartment reminded me to look back on my life. I grew the most when I was in the midst of those unchosen hills and valleys because it was then that I had to rely on Him and for that I am grateful.

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