Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Webkinz Died!

Ok not really... more like expired! Mean mommy would not let C&B "purchase" more than 4. Well apparently it is not nearly as popular a boy gift as it is a girl gift as C never got more than the 4 and now it has been over a year since adopting his last one and his account has expired. For those of you following this thread and thinking what is a Webkin? you can read all about this virtual world here. This brings me to the purpose of my post (yes there is one!). We need to buy a Webkin pronto! and of course we want a DEAL with out burning a tank of gas! So anyone got the scoop on a good DealiO?

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ADDAmy said...

Well we adopted Milo the Cheeky Monkey today. C is super excited that he is going to be the pet of the month for July!