Friday, July 18, 2008

My Thrifty Thursday HT Finds!

Yesterday I stopped in HT for cash to pay the sitters (not very thrifty but needed!)and scored this extra large beach bag (the photo does not do the size justice), pitcher and 6 glasses for under $15 (75% off).
Seeing as a new beach bag was on my list and new glasses were on dh this was a Thrifty purchase and not an impulse purchase - right??? and since I am uploading pics anyway here is a photo of yesterday's garden haul (heehee) and the awesome forgotten fave bracelet that Mr J found and had restrung for my anniversary!


Susy said...

You have a great little blog love it! I was just blurking (what I call blog searching) and found you. I will be sharing your blog if you don't mind?!

ADDAmy said...

Share away! glad to hear you like it. My stats say people read - lots in fact- but I get few comments, so thank you very much!