Friday, July 11, 2008

Is your child quirky?
Does he bursts into song in the middle of Target shopping (or dinner at Uncle Bubbas) Does he leap or better yet somersault from room to room instead of walk? Does she weave weeds into a necklace? Do they turn your back yard into a "bug scout" meeting and pick your hand grown veggies to feed yard bugs? Do they collect every day rocks (I could bring new meaning to Rocks in My Dryer... and crayons and gosh knows what else?) like they are worldly treasures but treat their electronics like rocks and toss or lose them? Do they refuse to each dishes that contain all of their faves because the food is "mixed" together? could they teach a class on Reptiles but not write a full paragraph about it? Was your child's imaginary friend a werewolf? Has one of your kids ever used deodorant for chalk or baby powder for fairy dust? Oh I know.. do/did your kids host a 5pm lemonade stand selling orange soda and Cheetos (while barefoot and grungy and under the "supervision" of their dad!) for $1? Ok I am getting off topic. I really am not ranting. My house is interesting (to say the least). Now getting to my point....

Great Schools has a new article about How to Support Your Unique Child in fact Great Schools now has LOTS of great learning disability articles as they have successfully transfered over all of the wonderful information that Schwab Learning used to host. Check it out!

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